The schools below have access to Stride for the 2016-17 school year.
  1. Barr
  2. Boyd
  3. Boyd
  4. Davis
  5. Green
  6. John Hopkins
  7. Johnson
  8. Lanier
  9. McLeod
  10. McWillie
  11. Murrah
  12. North Jackson
  13. Northwest Jackson
  14. Power APAC
  15. Timberlawn
  16. Watkins
  17. Walton
  18. Woodville Heights

Watch the Training Meetings and Videos!

In order to obtain your school's KCC codes and passwords, you MUST either attend the live meetings, or prove you watched the training by responding to the email question you receive from Erin Mason.  After you watch all 3 videos, email Erin Mason and tell her you are ready to start, respond to the "check-up" question, and you will be ready to go!

You must watch all three videos!!!

How Do Students Login to Stride?

  • Students enter their MSIS ID number or KCC code.
  • Students select their name and/or course name from the drop down list.
  • Students enter their password.

How Do Teachers Login to Stride?

Teachers go to and click on Teacher Login.

Teachers have two choices for logging in to manage their classes.

Method One:
  • Teachers enter the KCC code for the class they want to manage.
  • Teachers enter their password.
  • Teachers will see the class information for that one class.
Method Two: Requires Your Administrator to Give You the KCC Code and Master Password for All of Your Classes
  • Teachers create a master account that will let them pass through to every class
  • Teachers login with the email address and password.
  • Teachers see all linked classes.
  • Teachers click login to access the class they want to manage.


What is a KCC code and where can I find it?
Each school and each teacher and class has a unique KCC code.  Stride administrators have access to all KCC codes and can give them to teachers if needed.  Once a teacher logins to Stride, they will also see all of their KCC codes.

KCC codes should not be placed on the internet, but can be posted in your classroom and sent to parents via secure messages or on paper for home use.

KCC Codes for Stride School Administrators must be requested by the building administrator from the JPS Instructional Technology Department.

How can I print KCC codes and classroom master passwords for the teachers in my building?
  • The administrator logins at http:/
  • Click Class Manager on the left.
  • Click Print Logins.
  • Select the option you would like.  It will preview before you print.
  • Distribute class KCC codes and master passwords to teachers.
How do I find out usernames and passwords for my students?
Stride administrators and teachers can print master student rosters and student guide sheets that can be taken home.  The student guide sheets have all of the KCC codes, username, and password information for students to use either at home or in the classroom.  Rosters are printed at the classroom level.

How do I print the quick roster for my students to login to Stride?
  • The teacher or administrator logins to the class manage dashboard.
  • Click Class Roster on the left.
  • Click Print Logins above the list of student names.
  • Click Print Master Student list for classroom use.
  • Click Login Guide sheets to send home. You MUST select the boxes next to the student names before you click Print Logins or nothing will happen.