Rationale for Keyboarding Instruction in JPS

Click the link below to read the JPS Keyboarding Instructional Guidance Document
Keyboarding Applications in Clever

Typing.com is for grades PK-2.  School administrator accounts are not available. Teacher accounts are used to access student data and run reports.Teachers and students must login using Clever.

Nitrotype is a "gamified" keyboarding application for all students. This is just for fun and practice and no reports are expected or required.

Typing Agent - REQUIRED for students in grades 3-5.  Students and classroom teachers MUST login using the Clever portal.  Generic school administrator credentials are to be used to run reports.  Directions are sent to schools via emails on accessing the administrator accounts.

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Other Recommended Keyboarding Applications for PK-2 Students
This List Will Be Updated!

Typing Games at Sheppard Software