Participants will see how to use technology to teach students the research skills of acquiring, analyzing and presenting information.  Online social bookmarking, presentation and bibliographic tools will be demonstrated while learning how to teach students research skills.

Google Classroom Introductory Course
Participants will learn how to create and join a Classroom, populate information on the About Page, add information to the class stream including creating announcements, questions and assignments, and giving point value/grades and making comments. They will also learn how to attach files,use YouTube and link to online resources.Managing the Chaos: Teaching and Learning in a 1:1 Environment

This course will cover organizing, finding, and sharing files with Google Drive, the extremely popular cloud-based file storage and word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. Viewers will first learn how to upload, convert, sync, and delete files and get tips on organizing and searching Drive. Then the course introduces the basics of working with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, as well as forms and drawings. Finally, participants are introduced to ADD-ONS, which are external third party applications that enhance the use of Google Drive Services.

Exploring Digital Content

This course is designed to familiarize teachers with the digital content that accompanies currently adopted textbooks as well as introduce them to digital content from other sources such as Khan Academy and CK12.  The overall aim of the course is to provide teachers with a valuable and relevant tool that compensates for the lack of current textbooks.  This course will also focus on other forms of digital experiences such as virtual labs for science, ibooks, PodCasting, videos and other types of media.  Lastly, participants will experience evaluating digital content and resources for rigor and relevance as a part of an instructional model.