Monitor this page for Professional Development Opportunities Being Offered by the Office of Instructional Technology

When classes are available:

  • All participants MUST REGISTER ONLINE.
  • Some sessions are online and do not require participants to come to a specific location.
  • Some sessions may/will be at an off-site location. Be SURE to check the calendar and your email to make sure the location of your session has not changed.
  • Participants may purchase CEUs for the price specified by the granting institution upon completing a class.  


star Please note:

  • A course may be canceled if registration is low. Low registration is defined as fewer than 15 people for a face-to-face class or less than 10 for an online class. An email will be sent at least 24 hours prior to the class to confirm that it will still take place. Please monitor your email to confirm the status of the class.