About the Jackson Public Schools 1:1 Initiative

Jackson Public Schools focus is to provide K-12 students a progressive, innovative digital approach to learning where students are the center of the classroom learning experience and teachers are empowered with the digital tools they need to connect students to a world of learning.  To kick off this great initiative, Jackson Public School plans to begin this endeavor with all of our 2,400 9th graders who will begin the 2014-2105 School Year as part of this effort.  This bold initiative will provide an Apple Air Mac Pro for each of our 9th grade students and an Apple Mac Pro for each of the 9th grade teachers.   Additionally, when students leave school, their learning will not stop.  This technology will be extended to the homes that will allow the entire family to participate in the educational journey of the child.   

Our vision is to become a top-ranked learning community that graduates productive, caring citizens who are prepared to succeed in a global society. 

Jackson Public Schools strives to develop students who are critical thinkers, creative, can identify and solve problems, have strong communication skills and are technologically savvy.  We believe this is the key to developing lifelong learners and foster 21st century skills.  Simply being able to use technology is no longer enough. Today's students need to be able to use technology to analyze, learn and explore. Digital age skills are vital for preparing students to work, live and contribute to the social and civic fabric of their communities.

Jackson Public Schools is beyond excited about this amazing 1:1 Initiative that will serve as gateway to allow our students to dream beyond their physical environment.  Our students are born into a technology enriched world, and we are delighted that we can offer this opportunity to our students so that they can compete in a global society.