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Teacher Professional Development

Timeline of Professional Development

Meet Your Mac - September 2014

All 9th grade teachers received a full day of professional development in partnership with Cisco Systems and iSchool.  Each teacher picked up their Macbook Pro and spent time learning about their new device and about how to use their device in the classroom. Everyone had a working lunch while they listened to an inspiring and thought provoking talk by iSchools founder Travis Allen.  Other sessions included:
  • I Can Do What With My Laptop?
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Web 2.0
  • Becoming an Effective Communicator
  • Play and Discover Your Mac

Apple Professional Development for Teachers 2014-15

In addition to the Meet Your Mac Day, each 9th grade teacher had the opportunity to participate in 18 hours of technology professional development.  Sessions were held at each school during the school day.  Sessions included:
  • Mac OS X - 6 hours per teacher
  • iLife - 6 hours per teacher
  • Mac OS X Part 2 - 6 hours per teacher
Apple Professional Development for Leaders 2014-15

Each administrator and Academy Coach had the opportunity to participate in 2 full days of leadership professional development around the use and integration of technology in teaching and learning.  There was an initial day in the fall, and a follow-up day in the spring.

Meet Your Mac - August 2015

Each 10th grade teacher received a Macbook Pro during a pick-up day designated for their school.  After teachers picked up their device, they were required to complete an online "Meet Your Mac" course that included an assessment at the end. 

Meet Your Mac and Introduction to Canvas - Face to Face Follow-Up (November, December 2015)

Sessions were held at each high school during planning periods in order to follow-up on the features and functions unique to a Macbook.  Teachers were also given a brief introduction to Canvas in preparation for their online class.

Introduction to Canvas - December, January 2015-16 (Online)

Each Academy teacher was expected to complete an online course designed to help them learn how to manage their classes in Canvas.The course included an online assessment at the end as well as a certificate of completion.

Managing the Chaos (Spring 2016)

Teacher Meet Your Mac 2014-15