The list below and is not everywhere you can get free wifi in the Jackson Metro Area.  It is simply a place for you to get started looking!

No location on this list is guaranteed to work.  No location on this list is guaranteed to be free at the day and time you are there.

If you are at a business, PLEASE BUY SOMETHING.  When you are sitting in the store or restaurant, and using "free" wifi, that is not free to the store. If you want it to continue to be free, do the socially and morally responsible thing and BUY SOMETHING.  It can be a small thing, such as a drink or a small snack.  Also, free wifi is often limited so streaming movies may not work!

If you are working with a group, please be respectful of those around you so you will always be welcome.

This link will take you to a map with a search box.  Put your zip code in the box and you will get a list of the closest locations to you with free wifi. The codes for the wifi are on the page!

Library patrons can use the free wifi at the public libraries.  Most libraries are closed on Sundays, and others are closed both Saturday and Sunday, so please check the branch schedules before you go!

Xfinity Wifi
If your family subscribes to Xfinity internet services from Comcast, you can use your account information to access free internet access points at businesses all over Jackson. YOU MUST HAVE XFINITY WIRELESS AT HOME TO USE THIS METHOD!