The Jackson Public School District’s Digital Learning Initiative is a new and exciting plan focused on enhancing teaching and learning through the infusion of technology. This 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative is on the leading-edge in our state and our global society.  Our technology philosophy is based on a holistic approach where personalized, digital learning and technology skills are infused throughout every classroom, at every grade – for every student and every teacher.

Our technology initiative is beginning in the high schools to support our Academy Program. Beginning in school year 2014-15, all 9th grade students received 11" Macbook Air laptops for use both at home and at school. Read more about the Academies of Jackson here.

The District's vision is to continue to add 1:1 devices in the high schools by distributing laptops to each incoming 9th grade class until all students in grades 9-12 have a device that can be used both at home and at school.

NEW: Summer Laptop Return and Summer Check-Out Procedures

Beginning THIS summer (June 2015) 9th grade academy students may be able to check their laptops out for the summer.  Students MUST meet all of the criteria below in order to check out their laptops for the summer.
  1. Student has paid the annual laptop maintenance renewal fee. Schools will verify each student's renewal charge yearly. 
    • New laptop or first year of issue: $40 (9th)
    • Second year issue: $30 (10th)
    • Third year issue: $20 (11th)
    • Fourth year issue: $10 (12th)
  1. Student has either no fines assessed, or has paid any/all fines assessed. 
  2. The laptop is in good working order. 
  3. Student has a signed, completed, summer check out form. 

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